5 Reasons Why You Should Rent A Car In Singapore

1. No hefty deposit – Instead of putting down a large deposit to purchase a car, why not consider renting instead? Deposits for car rental are as low as S$200 for daily rental and 1 month rental for a longer car lease of at least 1 year.

2. Fixed monthly cost – Afraid of chalking up your expenses in car maintenance and repairs? Or afraid of incurring a heavy loss when selling your car in future? Rent a car and commit to fixed monthly repayments to the car rental company instead as they will take care of all the other costs.

3. Hassle-free –  The most convenient way, click on the website, pen down your enquiries, send your enquires in and the person in charge will reply to you promptly. Alternatively, give him/her a call, state your request, make deposit via easy method internet banking and from there you can get your car reserved.

4. Convenience – A car can cater to your needs when at times you hate to go to somewhere inaccessible without that four wheels.

5.  Good first impression – Guys, impress your ladies with your superb gentleman gesture by driving a car to fetch your princess wherever she go. I am sure she will be smitten by you. Even if it is for your girlfriend, there is no harm impressing once in awhile to spice up your relationship. Aside from this, you can also create a good impression for your valued clients by picking them up in our luxury cars. Alternatively, we can provide you a chauffeur so you need not even worry about driving!